The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Hello World.

Wow, that takes me back to 2001 when I started writing. If you can’t tell, being a published author has been a dream of mine for a long time. (Twenty YEARS already!) But along that road, I made quite a few missteps, mistakes, and missed chances. I’m REBRANDING to my pen name “Calia Wilde” to offer easier SEARCH results (just look at what you find when you search “A.R. Case” in the image below!) and to re-align with the romance genre. All my books offer a “happy for now” ending even if they roll into the next book in the series (looking at YOU, Dead in the Water) or if they seem a bit less like a romance (cough, Down in Blood, cough) and more like a work of standard fiction.

My book interests vary, so I can’t always give you bikers. Some days I want undead mercenaries. Others, I want space fantasies. Or, how about a GREAT dragon story? It’s all there. But I needed a name that would fit the brand.

How did I come up with the name? (tears… many tears…) First, there was a list. Then numerous strike outs as each and every name was taken. Yup. Even my own REAL name was already taken. Back to the drawing board. What defines me? Well, my “shewulf” identity was hard-battled for, but no one would take an author seriously if their name was “shewulf” right? So I searched for names that meant “wolf.” Accalia hit numerous times. But it looked WONKY on cover tests with fonts. Go to fellow writers, get their feedback… shorten it to Calia. Got it. Done.

Last name, uh… threw out a ton of last names, including ones up my family tree. Right there was a great one. Wilde. (Vild – if you want to pronounce it correctly). But it also brings up connections to other writers. Bonus that my family always joked around about having a “wild” side.

So, there it is. Calia (short for Accalia) Wilde. For WILD heroes and heroines who aren’t always the good guy or girl.