The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

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Updates and excerpts

Rebranding is in progress. The old site now redirects to this one. The DeSantos Series covers will be revealed soon. The last book in the series is in editing now, and scheduled for September this year!

Here’s an excerpt:

The more Benedict talked the more Lisa’s headache began to pound. Her breathing sped up. 

“We’re trained to deal with life and death situations, don’t worry.” 

Death. The word stuck out. It rang in her head with every throb of her headache. Death. She’d seen death. Ricky. Pale and cold. His skin whitened from being in the water for hours before they found him. Underneath his waterlogged skin were bruises. His torturers cut off a finger from his right hand. She’d forgotten that. At the time, her focus was on the charm bracelet and the little unicorn she’d bought for him at a souvenir shop on the boardwalk. It was intact, even though every other piece of the man she loved was not.

Suddenly the room was too hot, too small, too many people. She fumbled her water, spilling it on her dress. Her mom fussed, but it was in slow motion. Ben stood up, one hand holding a red napkin. Her own napkin spilled from her lap to the floor like blood. She was drowning.