The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Dream cover

Here’s a bit of insight into Indy’s cover (aka Dreams in the Dark) rebuild. First, the before and after photo:

Before (left) Cover of Dreams in the Dark and After (right) images.

For this cover, I was lucky enough to be able to keep the same model. I always imagined Indy as weathered, sharp, and covered in tattoos. This model series was almost perfect, except for a few things. First, there was the hair. In the original model image, the model is a dark blond with gray mixed in, but the prominent streak Edie loves to play with is missing. I edited both images to create a contrast in the hair and desaturate the color so I could achieve a defined streak in the front. It’s much more prominent in the new image.

Using a front-on view helped me get the intensity of his stare that I couldn’t get from the prior cover. It helps illustrate the intensity he brings to his endeavors that his laid-back joking helps to hide.

Close up of new cover showing the model’s face — especially the eyes and their piercing stare.

This is a man who’s seen much in his life.

One of the things that isn’t correct is the haircut. Indy doesn’t have time to fuss with his hair, so he simply pulls it back into a ponytail or braid, depending on how much wind he’s going to face that day. Bikers know that a ponytail quickly becomes a rat’s nest on long rides. Braids are a much better choice.

Now for some details.

The rings:

Close up of rings on the model’s hand.

The Nomad rocker:

Close up of cover detail. The Destroyers logo with nomad bottom rocker.

And did you catch the background?

Close-up detail of the background area of Dreams in the Dark cover. The background is basalt with frost.

Indy’s girl, Edie, possessed great insight into her man. She saw the bedrock of his spirit and the kiss of his birth month, January. She envisioned basalt and frost. The leather chair acts as a reminder that this man will take a seat to put his woman first, especially one who can craft her own stripper shoes.

There you go. Insight into the method behind the madness. Get Indy’s story here.