The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Where Evil Thrives Book

Where Evil Thrives — DeSantos #3

The last DeSantos novel, Where Evil Thrives, is live!

What’s great about this book is the journey of the leading lady. Lisa DeSantos is finding love again after losing her fiance, Ricky.

Choosing between a cop and the FBI Special Agent who got Ricky killed kicks off a string of events that proves there isn’t much difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

Side note on the research: Real statistics were used in this work of fiction. Sources include this article:

But please remember, despite some reality included in this book, it is a work of fiction. The locations, events, people, are not real, even if they may resemble real events or places—That’s the beauty of incorporating over a year of research into a book like this. Black sites, while there have been occurrences of these in recent history (Chicago: 2012), are not common. The increased focus on reform is a positive change that may help curtail abuse and restore community trust essential to better interactions between the community and the people tasked to serve it.

For FBI procedure and information, FBI Myths and Misconceptions, and information from the FBI FAQs and Community Outreach Program was referenced. This is by no means the full extent of reading material consumed during the planning stages of this book.

The series has been rebranded under the new pen name to make it easier to recognize and find. Look for it and the companion books on Amazon. Read an excerpt through the link below.