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Weekly Wilde Writing Recap Aug 7

Getting back on the horse, so to speak. Here’s a recap of the world that is my writing.

Writing: currently in rewrites of “Mayhem” — it is due to the editor like NOW so it is getting priority. That doesn’t mean it is the only project that was touched this week, but it did consume the most time. Second project was getting “Two Right Shoes” out-ish.

To explain, I hit a snag. Specifically, a design snag. One of the joys of being self-published is having complete control of the process, including design, from start to finish. But if you ask any self-published author, that joy is also pain. Lots of pain. Something you loved a year ago can look muddy now. Trends change. Your TASTES change. Or maybe you need to delineate one series from another (a marketing choice) in order to attract readers. Each day you learn more and make more business decisions.

So, when faced with the “task” of releasing a simple short story, it became a project as I debated using the “old” cover I’d mocked up over a year ago. Quite honestly? I wanted to move in a different direction.

Comparison of old style versus new style tests

While this would be a great thing to do with any new book, “Two Right Shoes” is technically the SECOND short in the TKI series. Whoopsie!

And everyone KNOWS a series needs to match. That meant re-doing the cover “Embrace the Ground” as well. Okay. Challenge accepted!

Embrace the Ground Cover
2021 cover versus new cover concept* (*all artwork is licensed for this set)

Cover challenge complete. Sort of. What about A/B testing? (This or That?)

Sure, I can do that. Go to MailChimp and watch a video about surveys. Yay, easy-peasy. Make graphics, send out in the 8/5 newsletter. Whoopsie, the newsletter didn’t actually LINK to the damn survey. $h*^! WTF Mailchimp!?!

It was time to redo the newsletter, resend, and bug people twice in one effing week. (May I just say I really dislike doing that?) Then, wait on responses. (the hardest part!)

Oh, and upload files to KDP, even KNOWING I might have to re-upload if the survey comes out the opposite of what I expect. (Author aside: Do you think I like making MORE work for myself… just maybe?)

This leads me to my final “work day” of my writer’s week (The day job, you know? M-F have only 2 good work hours available so the bulk of the work happens on Saturday and Sunday. Hat’s off to you who can manage more hours than that.)

Intention setting for today/this week:

  • (done) Get social posts out and meet goals.
  • (done) Get website update done. (Now that a certain hosting service FIXED their darn interface — saving me from moving all my content to another host and starting over, my Dog, I didn’t want to do that.)
  • (half done) Continue/Finish rewrites on Mayhem.
  • (mostly done) Continue cover design for Mayhem so I’m not in the same situation I was JUST in. (There may be news on that VERY soon!)
  • (done) Rewrites on “Santa Marie” << not the actual title
  • New writing on Ghostly Bones.
  • (MUST DO!) Contact Editor with progress report.
  • Do the giving back part.
  • Breathe and accept that not everything will get done in one day. I made progress. YAY.

And if you’re wondering how all of this actually gets managed? I have two tips for you. First, go to this website: < SHE GETS IT! (the living with squirrel-brain thing)

Second, if you’re an absolute nutcase like I am and decided to deep-dive into project management on a whim you might want to check out Project management online tools. I’ve tested a few applications and THIS one is the one that tackled almost every scenario I tested.