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Writing round-up 8/16

A little late. I crammed a whole lot of “nothing” into Saturday and Sunday (my “work” days). Maybe not nothing. The website is finally looking more like I want it. Here’s a bit of insight into the thought process.

A while back I decided I would signify my series through color. (I know, weird, since this isn’t on the cover that way, bear with me, okay?) I picked some word images first. Leather, of course, was my top choice. But leather isn’t just #000000. It is slightly lighter than that. My secondary “black” color is #212222 for leather.


But the site can’t just be black and white, there needs to be an accent color. Red is good, right? I needed a red dark enough that it would pass an accessibility test. “Blood” was born. #80001a


But what about my paranormal books? And my sci-fi one? (lonely little guy — I feel bad for that one)

Meet Mist

That one doesn’t look great on white, but pretty awesome on black:

Mist on black

Mist will come out and play closer to Halloween, I promise.

Then there’s “brake lights” (#ff4c00) that doesn’t look good on anything, and it fails most accessibility tests but is attention-grabbing.

Brake lights

You’ll see this one combined with Blood for certain special buttons.

And it’s cousin “Gun metal” a neutral accent item.

Gun metal

Rounding this out, I discovered a HANDY Word Press Plug-in entitled “Display Posts” and let me tell you, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I just couldn’t find it earlier. Coupled with “reusable blocks” you can get a big leg up on customized automation for your site.

Intention setting for today/this week:

  • (done)Get weekly intentions written down
  • Finish listening to “Mayhem” as an editing pass (caught TWO words that slipped through spell check this way — highly recommend)
  • Write 7K on Ghostly Bones this weekend. (side note/rabbit hole sitting RIGHT THERE you know?: Ukraine lost a highly decorated fighter pilot this week, but also had some wins in the form of anti-aircraft/anti-drone defense systems. And another Russian base suffered from those pesky fires that seem to break out near munition dumps. That and the faulty windows thing makes you think they need more safety inspectors, no?)
  • Do the giving back part. (a certain newsletter – waiting on copy.)
  • (on hold) side project to build a site for book cover design and other design services for authors. This will come out to play when I’m not behind on writing.
  • Breathe and accept that not everything will get done in one day. I did that just now. YAY.

Only two major things on that list if you take that newsletter out of the loop. I can focus better on them now that I’m not so scattered due to this effin’ website and the issues with the hosting service. OH, and that reminds me, the author link to Zon in the menu IS coded to open in a new window, but there’s a glitch in the template. (not mine!) It has been reported. Apologies to anyone who clicked on it and then exited this page.