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Writing Round up 8/21

Well, today has not been a bad day so far. I have a meeting or two yet and need to eat. Here’s what I got done this last week.

  1. Sent out my newsletter – a day late, but it is out there. Done is better than perfect.
  2. This one was HUGE. It has been in the works for a while. Misfit Ink ( is live. This project started well over a year or more ago. I wanted to create the separate business entity to serve as an imprint, a hub for design work (that includes covers and typesetting work) and to encompass some of the personal “mission” to give back to fellow Independent Authors. There were a few setbacks, reconfiguring needs, and it almost didn’t materialize. Now I can say it is out there. While Misfit Ink isn’t for everyone, please give it a look. You may find it does fit your needs.
  3. Writing! Yes, I got writing done yesterday. I’m going to TRY to get more in today.
  4. Giving back in the form of service to Passionate Ink. The final Marketing Salon (met every Wednesday for 13 weeks!) finished last week. The amazing Jordyn Cross led the discussion and used my sales numbers, misfires, and other content as fodder to help springboard discussion centered around how to market your books. (This is important for Indie authors, but we’re finding that Traditionally-published authors need to know this stuff too.) There will be another book-based workshop starting in September. Take a look at the PI site for more information. Membership is only $45 and you get FREE content like this salon and other workshops to help you.
  5. More editing on “Mayhem” — and I’m closer to the final title and a launch date. I will know in two weeks how soon I’m going to launch it.
  6. Ideation and preliminary draft for the Devil’s Handmaidens MC title I will release in March. Working title is “O’Mega” and there will be some crossover from the Destroyers series into this work. Here is a link to the Facebook readers group in case you want to check out the other titles. One is already out, and another (from Andi Rhodes) is due for release on 10/20 this year.

Intentions and goals for this upcoming week:

  • (done)Get weekly intentions written down
  • (carried over from last week, due 9/1) Finish listening to “Mayhem” as an editing pass (caught TWO words that slipped through spell check this way — highly recommend)
  • Write 7k on Ghostly Bones – I’m behind. I got 1.5k done this last week.
  • More Ideation and planning for “O’Mega.”
  • Do the giving back. IDK what form it will take this week. Maybe promotiong the PI charity anthology?
  • Breathe and accept that not everything will get done in one day. I did that just now. YAY.

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