The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Author comments 9/11/2022

Post MAJOR book news (see: Mayhem update from last week) this week feels like a bit of a let-down. But that could be a far cry from the truth.

See, I did a thing.

What? Yes, I suck at suspense.

Well, I plotted.

I KNOW. GASP! You did what? I plotted.

No, not someone’s murder. Except, do book characters count? OMG, whoops! It is not an MC, I promise!!!

What seems like a very long time ago an author group was just hanging around FB shooting the shit and someone pointed out how everyone seemed to be asking for an all-female MC. Of course, being authors, we were all like OOOoooooh Shiiiiiiny! Squirrel! We totally should do this.

Ideation is only 30% of execution folks. There’s a reason for that.

See, the muse that loves to drop little truths into idea pools also hates things like contracts, organization, and DETAILS so by the time you can corral a passel of authors into a concept group and deal with personality and taste differences the inception veers a bit from the initial idea. Except when it doesn’t. After finally getting a lot of starts and stops and headaches out of the way, I signed up for a bit of deviation from my usual biker books. Don’t worry, there’s still bikers, but these bad girls are the real deal, the queen of the kick-butt club, the things that make the bumps in the night scary. (Too much hype?)

And yes, “O’Mega’s Revenge” is plotted. Start to effin’ finish.

Of course, there’s a shiny cover… coming soon 🙂