The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble managing the “it’s too much” panic lately. The biggest project I need to finish is getting print copies of my Destroyers Series IN HAND by 11/10. It has averaged about six weeks for author copies (depending on who you talk to). My own delay was on a 5-week lag for a hardcover order. That does not bode well.

But at least I have ONE of the Destroyers in paperback form.

Cover design for paperback version of “Lights Camera Mayhem”

To get to this point, I needed to:

  • finish edits
  • finish rewrites
  • format epub
  • mess with the css because it was all wonky
  • format the paperback inside content
  • Whoops, forgot to add “reader magnet” and bonus content in the epub! (go back and REFORMAT the epup, re-fix the CSS, and other stuff
  • Remove the bonus content from the print copy
  • Create the paperback cover version
  • Figure out back cover copy for the PPB
  • Download the epub and do another pass on it ‚ catch five more errors
  • Redo files AGAIN
  • upload ARC copy to Book Funnel
  • Get my ARC readers a heads up email
  • Finish my newsletter email for all readers
  • Finally get to social media maintenance and graphics

So, with all that listed out, no wonder I was dreading the task!

Don’t forget, there is a Facebook Launch Party scheduled for “Holiday Shorts” – please plan on attending. There will be giveaways, prizes, and other fun. I go on at 8:15 PM Eastern and only have a SHORT 15 minutes to get my freebies handed out. — mark your calendar.