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Looking toward 2023

Wow, can you believe NINE books went out with me leading or riding along in 2022?

January—ORANGE BANNER MONTH with “Two Right Shoes” a contemporary romance from my TKI series debuted in “My One and Only” an AMR anthology (Limited release anthology, no longer available).

February—”Hollow Bones” (paranormal romance short story – with mythology, military, and romance) released as a novella stand alone.

March—The short story, “Fatal Offerings” (not yet released as stand alone) in “The Unknown: Seeking Earth” an AMR sci-fi, limited edition Digitally signed anthology released. (Limited release anthology, no longer available.)

(Note: here’s where I skipped a couple of months to hyperfocus on writing some killer stories for the remainder of the year)

June—”The Town Princess” released as a stand-alone biker romance novella. It is part of the Destroyers MC universe and is the first from Skilletsville, PA. Expect another Skilletsville leading man in MARCH 2023, there’s more on that below.

August—”Two Right Shoes” released as stand-alone contemporary military romance novella in the TKI series.

October(TWO releases!)—”Burned Bones” released as a stand-alone paranormal romance short story (It is part of the Undead Mercenaries series). Also released, “Holiday Shorts” and my MC Romance short holiday story “Second Chance Santa” (a Destroyers MC throwback novella) released. The anthology of erotic stories climbed to the top 50 briefly and earned over 1K (and counting) for!

November—(wow, what a month!) Unleashed MAYHEM (“Lights Camera Mayhem“) book 5 of my Destroyers MC series – a full length MC Romance novel. Also attended 20Books to 50K in Vegas, then got Convention Crud and almost derailed my December/January/February/March/April release schedule (It is behind schedule, but not completely derailed.)

December—released “Ghostly Bones” a brand new Undead Mercenaries paranormal romance novella.

So, after all that, I deserve a break, right?

HA HA Nope. (Okay, maybe January.)

You’re going to see the following in 2023:

  1. February release: “Tell Me No Lies” an AMR contemporary romance anthology release – featuring “All You Need Is Lies”
  2. March release: “O’Mega’s Revenge: A Devil’s Handmaidens MC” MC romance novel. This is the one that will have “Wolf” from the Skilletsville chapter of the Destroyers MC. You may recognize him from a few of Betty Jo’s parties and from The Town Princess.You’ll also meet Tits (also in The Town Princess) and her MC sisters. This is part of a larger shared universe with fellow MC authors like Andi Rhodes, Verlene Landon, D.M. Earl, Debbie Mitchell, K.D. Latronico, W.M. Dawson, Nia Farrell, Penny Angelene, Vera Quinn, Liberty Parker, and MORE!
  3. April release: “Soul Retrieval” an AMR paranormal romance anthology – featuring “Shadowed Bones” YES, another of the Undead Mercenaries!
  4. May—Passionate Ink is planning a summer themed charity anthology. The release date is not confirmed yet.
  5. June—Possibly “Ancient Bones” (Undead Mercenaries)
  6. July—What would July be without “Christmas in July” themed release? Second Chance Santa will hit the shelves near the end of July.
  7. August – December—I’ve got so many stories in flight right now. Here’s the inside scoop: Biker Queen (Destroyers throwback), Collected Bones (all the Bones series in one omnibus), Code Name: Diner (Destroyers full length – Hagerstown), Code Name: Dance (Destroyers Nomad full length, introducing some of the West Coast crew), Code Name: Float (Skilletsville Destroyers full length novel). Mind you, not ALL of these will complete in 2023. I can’t write and plot that quickly, but they are in flight. There are so many ideas, I’m going to be busy into 2025 with just this.