The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

April was CampNano time. I pledged to write 30K in the month and WON!

Part of the challenge was fitting the creative time around all the other work that needed to get done this month. And, I couldn’t NOT pile on even MORE work by compiling a journal.


But hey, shiny!

But what am I plotting (like a villain)?

I announced this earlier in a newsletter. So this isn’t news to my super fans. Here’s the skinnny: I’m working on a Destroyers throwback. You’ve met Fin and Betty Jo through the Hagerstown crew, but do you know how they met? (Silly, of course not. But I do. mwahahahaha!)

Code Named, “Biker Queen” I should have it to my editor in June for a possible August release. (Cross your fingers!)