The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Soul Retrieval Cover

Even a match made in Hell has a happy ending.

He stole the wrong soul now they’re stuck together. Facing insurmountable odds, she’s going to die… again. And it’s all his fault.

Look for “Shadowed Bones” from Calia Wilde in Soul Retrieval, an AMR paranormal anthology coming in April. This is the latest short story in the Bones saga.

The anthology features a stellar collection of authors exploring all your darkest paranormal dreams and showing you theirs. Join them on their journeys to the other side of reality.

Christine Ashwoth, AnnaMarie Gardner, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Calia Wilde, F. East, L.D. Wosar, Margy Millet, Brandi Gillilan, Wendy Cheairs, and Courtney Lynn Rose.