The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Is your yum someone’s um…?

Today, we’re talking taboo tropes.

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You know the ones… from best friend’s older brother, to cheating, to spank me harder… DADDY! 

Obviously, there’s a few tropes that are on the yuck list. That’s because we each have our own unique favorites and …not favorites. But I’ve experienced a few times when discussing a book with someone where I’ve had a “hold my beer” moment. You know those times when someone says, “You can’t possibly write that!” 

Oh yeah? I take those statements as a personal challenge. 

For a non-trope instance, “You shouldn’t swear* — it turns readers off.”

Have they met me? Have they ever met a biker? And… most specifically, have they met BOOTS? So… I say, [cough, cough] B*******t! Hold. My. Beer. (please)

Or, for a trope instance, what about siblings? 

OKAY, first off, EW!!! (Yeah, I found I have a hard line there.) But what if they’re not really related? Hum… that bumped me into finding another hard line, even if not related, they could not, ever ever live in the same** household. EVER.

That’s quite literally the logic that kick started The Town Princess. Where the whole town thinks Sprout’s father did something horrible, but he knows he didn’t. And Danielle (his half sister, ONLY in the rumor mill) KNOWS it didn’t happen that way, too because there’s DNA proof that they couldn’t be related.

There’s a catch—two actually

Which begs the question, who in town could she be related to? Um… EW! That would totally kill my interest in dating anyone from that area, right? Except maybe… Oh, bad author! BAD BAD BAD… um… hold my beer. We have bikers, biker offspring, a cover up, a Town Princess (hence the title), a VINDICTIVE matriarch, MURDER (because, of course!!!), and all the fun and zaniness that would spiral out of control when the good rich girl crosses those proverbial railroad tracks and starts kissing the bad boy second-generation-plus biker. 

And there is naughty language in it. (circling back to the first “hold my beer” moment because…bikers, you know? And, I CAN DAMMIT!) 

What are your favorite taboo tropes? And, perhaps, what are your hard “NOPE’s”? I’d like to know.  

*(For those who really don’t like this in their stories, I suggest my TKI or DeSantos books as they are a little less cuss-filled) (For those who REALLY like this, see “Lights Camera Mayhem” and “O’Mega’s Revenge.” )

** (Oh crap… I just had a “step-siblings” idea of two adults forced to visit their older adult parents for a destination wedding gone tragically haywire where … dun dun dun… there’s only ONE BED. Hee hee! That’s not “technically” living together, right?)


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  1. Anna Taylor Sweringen Avatar
    Anna Taylor Sweringen

    Favorite: second chance. Hard nope: instalove.