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Almost halfway through

It’s June. Not only June, but over halfway through June. Where is the time going?


Being at this point, it was a good time to check in on my 2023 goals.

At the beginning of the year (actually 6 months ago, almost to the day) I wrote down what I was going to work on this year. I had the list — most of it anyway — at the end of my newsletter so I’d be held accountable for those deadlines. (Yikes! That reminds me of all those end of semester term papers I failed to write until T minus 1 day. Even then I procrastinated.)

Here is a peek into that list:

Ick, hey? I know… my handwriting is AWFUL. I’m lucky if I can read it some days.

That said, I got my beginning of year deadlines done.

  • January: launch the “Lies” short story. Done.
  • February: deliver the “Soul” short story. Done. (AND put out a little workbook. GAH!)
  • March: deliver/launch the DHMC novel … almost killed me, but it got out on March 17. Done.

Whew! at that point, I re-wrote down my goals for the year because I needed a break. I’d planned on releasing SOMETHING every month. That isn’t going to happen. I realize that now. Doing that plus the day job and all the marketing needed would make something break. Either my sanity, my home life, my day job, or just my health. That meant, self-imposed goals and deadlines or not, I would take my TIME to recover the joy of writing. If that made me miss a May or June deadline, FINE!

Well. I officially am healthier than I was in March, but I also am trying really hard not to kick myself. That is much easier said than done.

But, Biker Queen is better for it. More robust with emotion, more TRUE to the original concept, and all around shaping up to be an awesome story for you. I just reserved the editing time and am getting the final rewrites completed. It is slated for August. Hopefully, August 13th.

Why August 13? Well, I love the number 13. And, August is Sturgis Bike Rally month, so it is absolutely fitting that two biker families should come together on that date… much like two families in fair Verona… (Yes, it is a Romeo and Juliet type story, but if you’ve read the series, you know how Fin and Betty Jo end up. If not, go read Down in Blood. What are you waiting for?)

Here’s the new/revised list for the remainder of 2023:

  • July: Second Chance Santa (Destroyers Throwback short story – Hagerstown)
  • August: BIKER QUEEN!
  • September: Ancient Bones (paranormal short story – NEW)
  • October: “All You Need Is Lies” (TKI short story – re-release as stand alone)
  • November: Shadowed bones (paranormal short story – re-release as stand alone)
  • December: (Not sure which one will get done first) Code name “Dance” or Code name “Diner” – a NEW Destroyers Novel


  • January: PLANNED rest month
  • February: First Kiss (A Leap Year Story) (anthology – contempory)
  • March: (TBD) maybe the Other Destroyers novel listed above?
  • April: Whispers In The Shadows Of The Night (anthology – paranormal)
  • May: Hard deadline for one more full length Destroyers novel, but if I have those both out, then maybe a short story? IDK. That’s as far as I’ve planned.

In the meantime, if you want a taste of Destroyers world throwbacks, check out Second Chance Santa (July 25th release date) for Digger and Marie’s reunion story.