The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Today’s writing and research went down several rabbit holes. If you follow my personal page (not the public, “author” page) you’ll have learned the following:

1. Did you know there are two states where dueling (with fists, no weapons) is legal? (Washington, the state, and Texas… because of course, Texas)

2. West Virginia has a statute (1849) that states: “Any citizen of this state who shall, either in or out of the state, fight a duel with deadly weapons, or send or accept a challenge so to do, or who shall act as a second, or knowingly aid or assist in such duel, shall ever thereafter be incapable of holding any office of honor, trust or profit in this state.”

Rounding out my little, muddy trip this history nugget:…/clarksburg-duel-fought…/….

(That last paragraph… I guess he won the duel and the girl. lol)

Then, I did another thing…

Yeah, I wrote a chapter for the upcoming Destroyers book – currently code-named, “Diner.” And to write that chapter I drew a chart on my whiteboard.

With this, I could take my marker tip and “walk through” the course, mimicking how fast my characters could run, aim, shoot, reload, etc., while my handy phone stop watch ticked away. You’ll note a couple of character names on here you might not have seen much of. Oh, and a cross over, because what fun is building a world if you can’t bring other characters from different book lines into it? I mean… that is the whole point of building a fictional world isn’t it? Playing with ALL of your imaginary friends in it?

Here’s some sites where I took notes from on the type of weapon, tips, tricks, research, videos, and other things that all atributed to 3.3K words and almost nine hours of butt in chair.

Moving targets take notes on the clamshell.

The double-spin target.

Quick draw/fast draw competitions

Which ALSO lead to questions about how to reload a revolver quickly…

and finally:

That’s it for today. I hope you found this enlightening, and enjoyable.


I almost forgot the totally out of left field video I watched…