The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

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“You listen hard to your Babu, little Yara. Ghosts are real, so be good or else they’ll take you away some night.”

Here is an excerpt from this enemies to lovers paranormal romance:

In a flash of heat and light, the world exploded. I grabbed on, this time digging my fingertips deep and pulled.

The soul came free easily, no longer moored to its human. I rushed through the veil, not wanting to lose John to the void or the screams, or the cold.

We landed in a lump of dust and bright light. Night was gone in Hell, and morning had kissed the barren land but long since passed. It was late afternoon. Time between realms didn’t always synchronize, nor did location. Wherever this was, it was probably opposite of where we’d been.

I rolled, keeping a tight grip on the soul. When we stopped, I spat out dirt and sand and grinned an evil smile. One I hoped he hadn’t forgotten.

“Welcome to Hell, asshole.”

“What the fuck?” She spit out dirt as she swore.

Wait a minute. I’d grabbed the wrong soul.

The Bones series is a set of urban fantasy romance short stories that combine fantasy, mythology, history, and military romance.