The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

How fast is too fast?

If you have a pet, you may understand the term “Zoomies.” I have a cat we share the house with, and despite his advanced years, there are certain times that he goes wild and tears around the house. It’s cute until he uses your flesh as a springboard to higher planes.

How does this relate to what I’m writing? Well, I have this character called “Fast Eddie.” He earned his moniker through many many years of dating his way through the eligible pool of women world wide. No matter the location, or the scenario, he manages to snag a willing woman. All without breaking their hearts… at least mostly.

Experienced romance readers know EXACTLY where this is going.

While he loves women, which kind of woman gets him so fixated that he simply cannot walk away?

His BFF, of course. The one he’s known since childhood. The one so FIRMLY friend-zoned he couldn’t possibly think of dating her. But she’s also the woman he simply cannot live without.

Too Fast for Love” is coming out soon. I’ll have more details for you in the next two months.