The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

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I know, I know… Misfits don’t follow, they find their own path! But just in case you want to keep track of where this misfit is going, here are most… if not all of the ways you can follow or contact me:

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  • Newsletter! <you sign up and then can email me. PLUS there’s news, links to all sorts of book finds, and ARC copies!!! I try to keep these short so you don’t have to slog through a bunch of stuff when you don’t have time. That’s what my blogs are for.
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    • Author Page < Latest releases, blog reposts, deals, etc. This HAS a chat /messenger feature you can exploit. (maybe that’s the wrong word? LOL)
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  • TikTok <hit or miss, but I’d love some shares here
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OH and almost forgot! I’ll be IN PERSON at Dreaming Dirty in Maryland on May 4th (yes, STAR WARS DAY!!!!) at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore Maryland.
>>> VIP tickets here <<<

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