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UPDATE as of 6:12PM Easter US – The email glitch was my fault. I forgot that with the FORMER website host I was forced to create a subdomain just to hack my way to legitimacy when pairing with MailerLite, that I didn’t need to do the same thing for the new hosting platform. That created a glitch of MAJOR proportions with all my newsletter links. I apologize. You shouldn’t have to open two emails from me back to back. MY BAD. And, if it didn’t work twice. OUCH. I hope this apology gets to you.

On with the rest of it…

Hi all, just a quick update on a few things and a “bulletin watch” to let you know there might be some service disruptions next month. I’m switching website providers, and while I think I got everything set up correctly, until all the lights are turned off over at my old host, I’m being really cautious about making any abrupt changes.

Why the switch?

In the end, it wasn’t money, I can tell you that. I tried two services which were less expensive than (clues: Name for a moon or a mood +host) the proverbial Voldermort of hosting platforms that I’ve been fighting with for two years after leaving Wix. Neither of the two could get anything right.

So I tried SiteGround. It was highly recommended to me, and one of the roles I play with volunteering has their site hosted with that platform. But it was as much, if not MORE expensive than Bluehost. (Yikes?)

But from the very first interaction with their customer service through almost a week and a half of wresting the keys to my site from Bluehost, their representatives stayed helpful, educational, and basically exhausted every effort they could to get me safely ensconced with them. For that alone, I swear I used up about two years of future hosting plan fees.

What to expect?

If I didn’t do everything right, my site might go dark in the last week of July. It shouldn’t, but considering the number of times I hit a wall trying to get Bluehost to give me my stuff, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something horribly hinky with my website. If all goes well, you’ll see zero disruption on my website or my email.

I’m sending out my June 20 (late, I know) newsletter today and if I get a bunch of bounces, then I know I’ve messed up something. So, if you get it, give me a shout. That way I know it works.

Thank you for being the BEST readers ever. <3


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