The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Whew. In the last few weeks I’ve felt a bit “overwhelmed.” It didn’t seem like I’d been doing a whole lot except writing, but it hit me today why I’ve been experiencing that panicked, “what did I forget?” moments.

Instead of innundating you with a post for each, I’ll attempt to summarize the updates here.

Foremost, yesterday’s cover unveal for “Soul Hates” — the 2024 Passionate Ink charity anthology is HUGE. Not only is it the culmination of writing a great story, getting it edited, reviewing and helping other authors in the anthology with their stories, but also collaborating with the wonderful Leslie Noyes on the cover. This enemies-to-lovers themed collection will have something spicy for all tastes. There’s literary, historical, paranormal, and contemporary stories wrapped with a gorgeous cover model and my skritch-scratch typography for the one-of-a-kind title.

Soul Hates Cover Image
Soul Hates – 2024 Passionate Ink charity anthology

Bookmas! It’s Christmas in July for book lovers.

I wasn’t going to participate this year because I didn’t have a “holiday-themed” story, but jumped in at the last minute to round out an amazing collection of authors, and supporting a wonderful network of writers, editors, and coaches to bring you content EACH DAY of July. FOR FREE!

Yes, FREE. Watch my social media for offers every day. I’ll collect them in the newsletters July 5 and 20.

Writing. Code name, “Candle,” is shaping up. But it isn’t quite done yet. I moved back my personal goal of August release to late September, or possibly later because I don’t want to give you a half-assed work. It has to stand up to what I did in “Diner.”

Book cover for Dueling Flames

Speaking of, Dueling Flames is/was featured in a couple of review offers. And the results are WONDERFUL. In BookSprout, it gets a 4.5. In BookSirens, it is averaging a 4.4. I am overwhelmed by the positive reaction I’m getting from readers, and wholly satisfied with the honest reviews I’m getting. It helps me know what to look for when planning and honing the next book.

For instance, “confusing” is occasionally mentioned. I pack SO much into this world, that sometimes I forget that not everyone LIVES with these characters talking in their head every damn day. I’m reaching out to get Beta readers who can help me overcome that hurdle so you get a fluid, coherent experience.


Finally, volunteering. Many of you know that I’m in Passionate Ink. It is a professional organization for erotic literature writers. The focus is on providing professional support for writers who like things on the spicy side. We’re growing, and as such, there is always something to do to give our members great advice every month.

One of those things is workshops. I’m leading July’s “50 shades of anti-heroes” workshop on July 27th. In this, I’ll provide insight on how I craft my bad boys to break out of the “hero” mode and firmly into swoon-worthy bad-asses who deeply love a select few things. So much so, they’re willing to KILL for them. Everyone’s line is different, so writing a great main character is vital when toeing the line.

I hope you’ll join the online workshop if you’re interested in writing, or an author with questions.

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