The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

Dueling Flames

I’m always falling for the wrong woman …and Sierra Winchester might be the worst one yet. But, she’s the perfect woman for me—“Kid”—the black sheep of the MacMillans. Biker. Destroyer. A man who knows exactly how and where to hide the bodies she’ll leave in her path.


He’s always falling for the wrong woman, and she’s the worst yet.

Billy “Kid” MacMillan was born the black sheep of a cop family. His misadventures led him to joining the Destroyers Motorcycle Club, a notorious organization perfect for the criminal he’s become. But there is one thing he wants almost more than their brotherhood. That’s the right woman. The trouble is, he falls for ones who are all wrong for him.

Sierra Winchester has known her entire life that the MacMillan family is off-limits. But when a no-good, panty-stealing biker shatters her blissfully quiet life running the family diner, she’s forced to admit her problems. A jealous, cheating, estranged husband, a passel of nosy MacMillan police, and that no-account Kid, who didn’t just steal her panties, but stole her heart.

Rival families, danger, duels, and a growing addiction to Kid’s kisses aren’t going to stop her from getting rid of her husband. Permanently.

“Dueling Flames” is book number six in the Hagerstown Destroyers series by Calia Wilde.

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Photographer: Paul Henry Serres

Model: Jesse Flynn

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e-pub, Paperback