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A bet between best friends moves too fast.

There is a reason he is called “Fast Eddie.” And that reason is why Gwen Cartwright won’t date. But a bet between best friends heats up at his sister’s wedding. Now Gwen and Eddie have to keep up their end of the bargain. He has to abstain from sex for a year, and she has to go on 12 dates.

What they weren’t counting on were two things. First, leap year being a whole day longer, and second? Falling in love.

That’s the blurb for “Too Fast For Love” a TKI contemporary romance short story NOW available for preorder inside:

FIRST KISS – A Leap Year Anthology

from AMR Anthologies (Releasing on February 29, 2024)

There are GREAT authors on on this one including:

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  1. Eileen Troemel Avatar
    Eileen Troemel

    This sounds interesting! Can’t wait to read it.