The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

It’s here! Dueling Flames is here! It’s available from numerous retailers in both epub and print versions. This has been an EXCITING and EXHAUSTING release. And in typical “Calia” fashion, I messed up.

What? Yes, that’s right. I completely screwed the marketing pooch and didn’t include ANY bonus content in the released version. When one of my lovely readers finishes the story … poof! That’s it. (I’m kicking myself because half the fun of reading stories is going off and imagining what it is like inside them.)

And I have SO MUCH for readers with this book. To fix that, I’m posting a smidge here, and more on the “hidden” page that will hit with both today’s launch newsletter and the April 5th (and 20th) newsletters. After that, I’ll be able to fix the books on sale and include the back matter link in those versions. It doesn’t hurt the story at all, but all that bonus stuff is a great way to sift through what I was looking at and picturing while I wrote Kid and Sierra’s story.

If you look real closely above, there’s an old decrepit house in the image. Yeah. What do you think, is it “bulldozer bait” worthy?

There’s more… A whole Pinterest board more. (see link below)

Including the dream house that eventually gets built on Kid’s property. The one with the bedroom on the main level for MaeMaw when she visits. I found this “log” cabin (it is an exterior treatment to simulate logs without actually being logs) on one of the MANY house plan sites I sift through when I can’t picture the setting or just want to dream a little. (It’s a bit of an obsession with me. Not going to apologize for it.) That back porch though is a little small for keggers with the club. So there are (fictional) plans to build out a nice patio with a fire pit on the flat part before the slope ending with a nice little trail out to Kid’s thinking stump.

And because not everyone has Boots’s balance, there will be a child-friendly fence/wall so no one goes skidding downhill. I wouldn’t put it past a few drunk bikers to fall tail over teacup down that hill.