The hero isn't always the good guy, or girl.

It seems that every year I start with a flurry of launches. 2024 is no exception.

First Kiss” — which included my short story, “Too Fast for Love,” launched on February 29th. And exactly one month later (March 29th) Dueling Flames will be live.

I’m so excited for this latest Destroyer. It was a ROUGH slog to get things right. That included over 50,000 words CUT from the middle because the characters kept telling me more and more and I had to stop them and get back to Kid and Sierra’s story.

Their loss, your gain. It’s a GREAT story with cheating, memorable characters, trigger warnings, and a couple that are absolutely perfect for each other. I truly LOVE “listening” (through words) to the cadence of their accents and their words. Not to mention, Sierra is one ornery woman. “Soul-crushing Patriarchy” is mentioned.

Not enough for you? Wanna know what’s next?

I’m currently in first draft mode of “Code Name: Candle” — Nickel’s story. Another Hagerstown Destroyer tale. This one is SLOW burn taking over 7 years to tell the full story of how he finds his perfect woman. There may be a slight age gap and definitely will be all the suspense and danger the Destroyers’ are known for.

While that one is simmering, I’ve got two more shorts coming soon. “Water Horse” is submitted to the Passionate Ink Anthology for review, and “Ancient Bones” is being plotted.

That’s only content through May. There’s MORE! Including a Mythology/Greek Gods anthology, and a Holiday Shape-shifter short (say that 3x fast) planned.

IF Candle and all the rest don’t bog me down too much, Jackson* is getting his HEA-second chance, and you’ll see at least one more Hagerstown Destroyer talked about before I pivot outside Maryland.

*Code name “Dime”